Virtual Number

Virtual Numbers can be leased and can add great value to your communication

If you are sending message to customer you can do it from your own virtual number thus allowing your customer to save the number to their contacts as your business - You will then be immediately Identified as the sender of the message when the recipient receives it.

Virtual numbers can be replied to thus allowing two way messaging.

While standard virtual numbers to not allow the message recipient to call the number our Voice activated virtual numbers do.  This then gives you customer two communication channels by which to contact you.   Voice activated numbers fulfil the ACMA's requirement for Contact Details while a std virtual number does not.  So this service provides an Ideal solution for send SMS marketing messages.

Standard Virtual Number

Can used to receive MO SMS into you inbox and Inbound Message Service.

Voice Activated Virtual Number

This is a standard virtual number that has been voice activate.  This is not available on MMS Numbers.  

Calls received into you virtual number can be forward to a number of your choice or run that a simple single level IVR process, to determine the phone to forward the call to.  The IVR also allows an automatic OptOut option.

MMS Number

Allows MMS message to be received into your inbox and is required for this service, as separate to SMS virtual numbers.  You can also use an MMS virtual number to receive an SMS MO message.

NPS Numbers

These are only for use with the NPS survey product - see NPS for more details