NPS allows the user the Net Promotor Score Surveys using SMS messaging.   The reporting will consolidate all response within on calendar month at time.  With just the One NPS virtual number you cannot run different NPS surveys within the same Month and differentiate the results.   You would a different NPS virtual for each different survey to run with the same month period.    Contact Intelli on 1300 015 013 to have you NPS virtual number setup.

Left Menu - select NPS

Screen Shot

If you have done a survey in the current Month you will see the result on Home page for NPS.  see Image below

Button Actions on the Page





NPS Summary Search Filters

Select this bar to open the filter to change the Month that the report data displays

Auto Response

Select this button to setup your Auto Response for the different survery value received  - 1 though 10

Manual Adjustment

Alert Setting

Alerts setting allow you as the surveyor to receive an alert email or SMS when response are received - these are setup by response type, 

Select this button to send out your survey question using the SMS send process

Select this button to Send our your survery Question using the import to send process

NPS Summary Filter Selection

Click on the Down Arrow to open the filter selection options - All the selections and then press the search button.   Mostly this lets you select a date range to view the Summary data

NPS Summary Search Filters

Click on this Name to open or close the filter options pane

The above image shows the NPS home with the Search Filter pane Open

Select the Month and Year that you wish to view results data for then press Search to view the data.

Setting Up Your Auto Response

From the NPS home page click on the Auto Response Buttons

The Auto Response allows you to sent an automatic response to the Survey participant and to send different responses based on the score range of their response. 

The image below shows a fully setup list of responses.  We recommend you create an Auto Response for each Type of customer response

From the page above Click the Create Button add a new Response Type

The "Delay" value delays the sending of the response message from the time the response is received.   This can help make the recipient believe the message was not auto created.

Sending Out Your Survey Question

This is done using the standard SMS send functionality or the Import to Send process.   You must use an NPS type Virtual Number when sending out the survey or system will not work.  If you use the   or    buttons on the NPS home page to navigate to the Sending Page - you will only be given the option to use NPS type numbers as the source address when sending your NPS survey questionnaire when you navigate to these pages using these buttons.  If you use the side menu to navigate you will be able to select any of you virtual numbers as a source address.

When navigating to Import to Send Page using the provided button there are a number of fields that are preset for you to make you chooses easier.

Refer to help on each of these pages for more detail.

Set Up NPS Alert Messages

From the NPS home click on the NPS Alert Message Button

Alerts message notify you or someone you nominate, via email or SMS, when our system receives a response to the your survey.  You can fine turn the response values for which you will be sent an Alert message.  You can also insert into the message information from the response including the survey question message.   This why you can notified to take immediate further action when needed.

NPS Detail Report

From the NPS home click the "NPS Detail Report" button.   These are special reports design for the NPS message Process.

From report you can view those that have responded and those that have not.  If you have contact records where the mobile number matches the Source Address then the contact name will be displayed.

Use the Filters to refine the returned list of response messages.