User Settings

General Settings






Name of the account - this can be edited

Source Address

if set it can be selected to use as the SMS source address when sending. eg you can set it to your name and SMS message when received will show as being sent by your name not your number. Message sent with a non mobile number as a source address cannot be replied to by the recipient.

HomePage Redirect

The landing after you login in

Customer Name

the name of your organisation

Store MT Message Content - Outbound Message

When checked your Outbound message content gets stored in our database of message history. If you check this outbound message content will not be stored. A standard message replaces it.

Store MO Message Content - Inbound messages

same as above for for inbound messages

Add MT Text To MO messages

This feature will your Outbound message text to the content we save as your inbound message. this process happens before any message forwarding is done. This match it easy to read the context of the inbound message - ie if a message recipient response Yes to a message you sent - you will know what they said yes to.

External Two Way SMS

Allows two way communication between two phones while the message content is recorded in this application

Home Country

Country where you live and mainly communicate to

Contact Settings





Contact Fields. 1, 2 and 3

These allow you name additional contact record fields. these fields can be used to add dynamic information to message sent from our Campaign Sending feature. The can also be used to filter contacts for message sending


This is more of a general feature but is mainly used to accurately determine sending exclusion times in the settings below.

Import To Send Send Time Exclusions

These setting only work when sending messages using the import to send process






if checked the import to send process will not send message during excluded time periods

Exclude Saturday

Check to exclude sending on Saturday

Exclude Sunday

Check to exclude Sending on Sunday

Select BlackOut Start Time

This is a daily setting. the start time of the start that you wish to stop sending messages. 20:00:00 which is 8:00pm

Select BlackOutDuration

hours min sec from the Start Time that you wish not to send message, eg 10 hours for 10:00:00. if the start time is 8pm then messages will not restart sending till 6am the next morning

API Settings


Email to SMS Settings


Email Settings


Virtual Numbers


Integrated Applications


Message Process Automation Settings