Contact Management

Overview of the Feature

Contact management provides a fast and easy way to store a large lists of message recipients that can be used for Campaigns and be manipulated by using Categories and Filters.  Contact lists can also be used in Email Campaigns and the simple send process (SMS menu item).

Custom Fields for the contact records can be setup by Editing your settings (Top menu item Settings).  If you do not have access to this please get hold of support on 1300 015 130 opt 2.

Click on the Contacts button from the left side menu.

Contact Management  Overview

This is the initial page of the SMS Contact create new page.  It shows the total number of Contacts currently in the database file - the total number of recipients that passed the number validation process. From here you Create New Contacts, Add Categories and Filters and Import Contact Lists.

In the view above the PostCode field is a Custom Contact Field.   The image below shows the fields in the Customer record used to manage the Contact Custom fields. 

Note the if you change the value of an Additional Contact Field in the customer record all the values in the Contact records for this field will be deleted.  Goto Edit Customer to access these values.

Add or Edit Contact


Edit/Add the contact information as required.   Categories can be selected or deselected and you can select more than on Category.  Categories must first be defined in the Category list see Categories

To deselect a Category either hold down the Control key or Command key while selecting the line. 


You have a contact in the system with OptOut checked the system will not send to the contact not matter what method you use to send a message.  this includes campaign send, simple send, sending via API etc.  The import to send process does allow you to override this as an option.

Also a contact OptOut apply to all AppSenders under a single customer.   

There is also an option under the Reseller settings to make an optout apply across any customer under a reseller.  This option also enforces that a contact record mobile number must be unique for all the customers/appsenders under the reseller record.