HLR - Mobile Number Lookup


HLR (Home Location Register) is a GSM network mobile number lookup service that returns information on the mobile number you have checked.   The following information is returned.

  • Is the number Subscribed to.
  • Is the number available on the network when the lookup is requested.
  • Is the number ported.
  • The carrier that provides the service to the number.


 The home can be got to from the Dashboard or from the AppSender Details page.

HLR Home Page

This page allow the a quick lookup process for upto 1000 mobile numbers.  You can enter the numbers into the Phone Number field or copy them in.  The country is used to the country number validation process and much match the country of destination of the messages.

The result will be downloaded to your computer as a CVS file.

Import to Check Process Overview

To run the hlr process for a list large than 1000 use the import to check process.  Each file imported is run in the background and shows in the list on this page.  A email is sent to the email address provided when the process is complete.

Create an Import to Check Process

To run the HLR process on a list from a text file (for looks larger than 1000) create a Import to Check record.


ScheduledBy changing the default schedule date time you can set the process to run sometime in the future


All HLR records are stored in the reporting database and are available via the reporting feature.  You can use this feature download the hlr results.

Lookup Status