There are now two payment Processes for pre paid customer accounts.

  1. The process below which manages credit balance as a number of SMS message that can be sent.  This is only suitable for customers sending to the one country as different send prices to different countries cannot be managed with this process.  Your credit is stored as a number that represents how many SMS's you can send to your home country.  We call this SMS Send Balance.  Click here for Details

  2. In our new credit management process, you can purchase Dollars, (Euro or Pounds) and we store this value as you balance.  When you send a message we deduct its value. If you lease a virtual number we automatically deduct its cost each month from your credit value.   We call this Credit Balance. Click here for Details

For Post Paid Accounts you can Pay Your invoice Via Credit Card

You can pay your Invoices online using your credit card.  Click Here for Details

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See Reports for payment history reporting