Send MMS


The Send MMS Page allows a simple but also feature packed MMS sending process.   Sending a MMS is as easy as Typing a To mobile number and the message Content, attaching a MMS file - then processing the Send button. The process also allows the sender to select a message template for the message content, Select contacts from the contact list, set the source address of the message and also to schedule the time of the message.   How the user wishes to use the process is up them.  


MMS Home Page from the MMS icon on the Dashboard.


CountryCountry for Number validation process - must be pricing record set against Reseller record for destination country.
ToRecipient number or numbers,  can be inserted by typing numbers manually - copy and pasting from a list or selecting from contacts in your saved contact list.  At lease 1 number is required
Source Address TextIf you have set the source address text against your AppSender record it will show under the Source address for selection.   We do not recommend using this option if you are sending electronic commercial messages as your message will not have a reply path.
Source AddressUse an allocated MMS Number.   
Source Text EditAvailable when Source Address in AppSender has 
ScheduledTo send a message at time in the future change the default value for Scheduled 

This is your message content - there is a counter to tell you how many messages parts will be sent, what the character encoding (GSM,UTF-!) and how total characters you have entered.  As the Encoding changes from gsm to utf-16 so does the number of characters per message part.  In the first part of the message with Encode = gsm you get 1000 characters.

You cannot use contact field insertion in MMS send process as the sending process does not link to the contact records.

Expires In

MMS Media

Imports image and allows for re-sizeing by selecting the image

MMS Size

Shows message content size.

Test Recipient

Sends a test message to yourself to allow preview of your image

Multimedia Message Size Information

Standard MMS message (1 credit) can have a file size to 595kb.

File sizes larger than 595kb the charge (amount of credits used) will be 1.6 x the standard rate.

You may need to use an editing program to compress or reduce quality to decrease file size.

Maximum MMS Sizes per provider


Keeping your message to 500kb or under will ensure the message can be received by all customers no matter what provider they use.

Selecting Contacts

You can search for all contacts or select a filter to search for a subset of contacts.  See filters for more deatils.

click the search button to get the list.  you can either add select numbers by clicking on the number or click on the select all button to add all contacts in the search result.

close this sub window when select is complete

Select a Message Template

Message templates once created can you use on this page and on the Campaign Create page.  click on the text of the Template record to add the template text to the Message field.

See Templates for managing templates

Cut and Paste Numbers

The simple send process has a very clever number cleaning process to the extent that can cut and paste from spread sheet that mostly text and the occasion number an the system will clean out everything except the valid mobile numbers.   


Logs of SMS sent and received are available under the Reporting menu.

You can also report on messaging volume.

see the reporting page Reports