SMS Campaigns

Over View of the Feature

SMS Campaigns provide a fast and easy way to send SMS messages to a large list of recipients that are maintained within the contact records.  The sending process runs in the background and provide a progress indicator.


Click on the Campaigns button on  SMS Home Page or Click on the SMS Campaign Icon from the Dashboard.

SMS Campaign Job Overview

This is the initial landing page of the SMS Campaign feature and shows the list of prior SMS Campaign records created. Select the Create New button.

Create new SMS Campaign

Campaign NameName must be unique

Messages with greater than 160 characters will be sent as a multi-part SMS.

The following contact fields can be inserted into your message: {{firstname}} {{lastname}} {{field1}} {{field2}} {{field3}}

Source Address

Select a source address option - these will include

  1. A dedicated virtual number assigned to your account
  2. An Address set in Source Address parameter of the AppSender Record.  Will only be so if the parameter has a value.
  3. None - the messaging gateway will then select an address from its source address pool to enable reply messaging (without dedicated virtual number).

Reply Messaging will not work if this source address is used i.e. if you select "none" in field above. So you cannot use "Reply Stop to OptOut" in your message.

Virtual Number must have a valid expiry date.

Contact Filters

To create a campaign you need to have a Filter defined - these are maintained from the list of recipients within the contact records.

Filters can be used to create recipeint groups - eg: exclude sending SMS to any recipient address that are in your contacts database that are flagged for OptOut.

SMS Expires InThis defines the period of time the carrier will attempt to send messages to recipient who's handsets are not available when the message is sent.   Max is 2 days.
Start DateSets a time in the future when the send process will initiate. 
ApproverCampaign will not be initated without approval from Customer.